Mandatory attributes for seller platform listing

In order to maintain a consistent experience for the buyers and maintaining the network health, Pincode requires certain attributes from the seller platform for them to be listed on the app. Given the early stage, the attributes will be dynamic considering the tech and operational parameters:

  • Tech Requirements
    • Seller platform's implementation and adoption of ONDC protocol/ part of the API contract should be at par with protocol adoption by Pincode
    • City search should be supported
    • Should expose minimum below APIs: /search, /select, / init, /confirm, /status, /update, /cancel, /track
    • In on_search,address.locality & are required and should be null
  • Catalogue Attributes
    • Country of origin
    • Quantity and UOM
    • Manufacturer details
    • Month and year of manufacturing
    • Identifier for Veg/ Non-veg for Food and Grocery
    • Nutrition Information

Mandatory attributes and standard requirements for seller listing

The given attributes are required for a store to be listed on the platform

  • Food and Beverage
    • Catalogue of store shouldn't contain any prohibited item as per the laws and regulations of the Country, mentioned in Seller Guidelines
    • Minimum SKU count should be 5

For exceptional cases, the seller / seller platform can write to Pincode for getting the store listed on the platform.